"Crazy Fly" RAPTOR PRO

"Crazy Fly" RAPTOR PRO

Top performance Freeride and Freestyle

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The Raptor Pro is one of the most popular boards that we manufacture, primarily due to its all-round appeal.

This full carbon freeride and freestyle board has great performance and is a legend in its own time.

How do we do it? Well, the magic combination of full carbon layup and the highest quality CNC shaped 3T wood core creates a dynamic, light and extremely comfortable board.

We apply the latest innovations in composite materials which allows us to produce ultra thin, highly flexible and very strong tips.

These Flex Tips provide torsion flex for softer landings, and also generate much more pop. What more do you want from your board?

This board is suitable for high performance freeride and can be really pushed hard for powered freestyle tricks.

The Raptor Pro is aimed at intermediate, advanced and pro riders who are looking for a high performance board for committed carving and an insane amount of pop for their tricks.

Razor fins with ultra thin profile will further enhance the speed and early planing, and the Raptor Pro also boasts an enviable carbon fiber look, and special 3D metallic colors.


The Raptor Pro comes complete with Dura footpads, Quick Fix II footstraps, a handle and Razor fins.




  • Medium Flex
  • Loads of pop
  • Vibra Kill
  • Crazy Flex Tips
  • Single concave
  • 3D ABS Rails
  • CNC Shaped Wood Core
  • 3T Full Wood Core
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Dura Pads
  • Razor fins
  • Quick Fix II
  • Ultimate Diamond Grip

weitere Infos zu den Features findest Du unter www.crazy-fly.ch


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