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Pro Tour is the freestyle machine in CrazyFly range of boards. Everything on this board is designed and built for freestyle and aggressive riding. Latest innovative materials with highest quality and perfectionism in details can be seen on all the parts of this board.

Pro Tour is quite a stiff board with explosive pop, so you can really load it for newschool freestyle tricks and nail them with ease. It offers wide stance to provide extra stability in difficult landings. Unique design of Pro Comp Pads and Straps provides maximum lock in. It is hard to lose the board with these bindings, so there is more time to focus on your tricks. Brand new Razor fins with ultra thin profile enhance the speed and early planning.

This year, we have used a brand new technology from the composite materials industry, called Spread Tow Carbon Fabric. This new carbon fabric provides more strength at lighter weight compared to traditional carbon weaves. Spreading the carbon yarn into very thin tapes enables the fabric to be thinner and nicely stretched all the way. Thinner carbon fabric is of course lighter, but the perfect stretch of the yarn also provides extra strength. We have been working with carbon material for well over 15 years and this material has no substitute. To give this carbon even a better look, we added a slight layer of aluminum powder on the carbon fabric. It just looks incredible on the sun.

Pro Tour is not suitable for all riders. It is aimed at experts and Pros who are looking for a stiff board with explosive pop and wide stance for stable landings.

Pro Tour Model comes complete with Pro Comp Pads and Straps, Quick Fix II mounting system and new Razor fins.



  • Stiff Flex
  • Vibra Kill
  • Explosive pop
  • Progressive Flex Technology
  • Single concave
  • 3D ABS Rails
  • CNC Shaped Wood Core
  • 3T Full Wood Core
  • Spread Tow Carbon
  • Pro Comp Pads and Straps
  • Razor fins
  • Quick Fix II
  • Ultimate Diamond Grip

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